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12/28/2023 – Kulanu Canada: A LOOK BACK AT 2023 and A LOOK FORWARD TO 2024

11/06/2023 – Watch the video from our webinar on “Xueta Island: A Hidden History”

10/04/2023 – Get a Glimpse of Xueta Island’s Jewish Story, then Register for the Webinar and watch the Film

09/14/2023 – Watch Xueta Island: A Hidden Story, and meet the director & producer, Dani Rotstein

09/10/2023 – Kulanu Canada Rosh Hashonah Greetings

07/17/2023 – Kulanu July 2023 Newsletter: Deaf Education Project, and news from around the Jewish World

06/09/2023 – Personal Stories and Videos, Live from Gush Etzion with Ezra Ridgley

03/09/2023 – View the recording from “The Past and Current Story of the Jews of Indonesia, then Register for our next webinar

02/20/2023 – Kulanu Canada invites you to “The Past and Current Story of the Jews of Indonesia”

01/10/2023 – Watch “The Jews of Barbados”, Webinar with Neal Rechtman

12/25/2022 – Kulanu Canada invites you to another Sephardic story: The Jews of Barbados

12/23/2022 – WATCH NOW: Kulanu in Song Chanukah Benefit!

11/14/2022 – Watch the recording now – Australia: The Unpromised Land – How Australia Almost Saved 125,000 Jews

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