Kulanu Canada is a completely volunteer-run organization. As such, we are always ready to welcome new volunteers. There are many opportunities both locally and abroad to help. Here are a few:

Local volunteers

  • You can help to publicize our activities and events in your own circles via social media, emails, and word of mouth.
  • You can support our events as a site volunteer. For instance, at our lectures and films, we always need ticket takers, runners, cashiers, and accessibility assistants.
  • You can become a friend of Kulanu. This is a commitment to attend some board meetings and provide leadership or support to our activities.
  • You can apply to be a board member. This is a commitment to help to steer the organization according to its vision, mission, and plans.

Volunteer abroad

  • If you are travelling to a destination where we have projects and/or friends, you could volunteer to meet them. This could include bringing some Judaic articles that they might need, helping to teach them more about Judaism, participating in the local services, or just saying a friendly hello.
  • If you are travelling at all and want to find out about possible Jewish communities or emerging groups at your destination, we could help you to search for such groups.


All donated funds are used to fulfill our mission of supporting isolated and emerging Jewish communities who wish to learn more about Judaism and (re-)connect with the wider Jewish community.


Supporting Jewish Communities Around the World