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The work of Kulanu Canada is to assist and support isolated and dispersed Jewish communities who wish to connect with the wider Jewish world by accessing a Jewish education (Judaic materials, teachers, classroom support, religious instruction, music, prayer books), celebrating life cycle events, and spiritual/religious practice as Jews. Kulanu will respond to requests from organized groups that can demonstrate both need and accountability, and for which we have resources appropriate to the request. (The map above indicates the locations of some of the communities we have helped.)

Small contributions only are possible at this time and will be prioritized by the board of directors.

Examples of ways in which Kulanu Canada has contributed are described below.

Ethiopia: We have raised funds to support the hidden Jewish communities in Ethiopia. They are elderly and in dire need of food and relief. (More information on Ethiopia.)

Ghana: We sell beautiful challah covers made by the small African Jewish community in Sefwi Wiawso. Proceeds support the updating of guest accommodations, which house visitors for Shabbat and other occasions. (More information on Ghana.)

Guatemala: We raised funds that were used to support a community Passover Seder in Guatemala City. (More information on Guatemala.)

India : We sent funds to a small re-emerging Jewish community in Southern India, the Bene Ephraim, for the purchase of Shabbat foods for the approximately 120 families in Andrha Pradesh, who are returning to Judaism. See photos and a letter from their spiritual leader Sadok Yacobi on our ‘Photos’ page!
(More Information on India)

Italy: We are raising funds to support the publication of a multi-lingual siddur for Southern Italian congregations of returning Jews (Anousim). (More information on Italy.)

Jamaica: We contributed funds to support the Jewish Cemetery Project. (More information on Jamaica.)

Suriname: We supported the erection of a Holocaust Memorial built in memory of Surinamese Jews who were living in the Netherlands for study or work and perished in the Holocaust. (More information on Suriname.)

Uganda: We provided a laptop and Amazon Kindle to help community members with access to the internet and ebooks. (More information on Uganda.)

Supporting Jewish Communities Around the World