Links and Resources

Websites: (The homepage of our international parent organization.) (The homepage of the Jewish community in Suriname.) (Jerusalem-based newspaper that documents developments in Israel, the Middle East, and around the Jewish world.)


Book cover of Under One CanopyUnder One Canopy: Readings in Jewish Diversity , edited by Karen Primack. (Featuring the works of over 50 poets, essayists, storytellers, and songwriters, this compilation is a tribute to Jewish diversity.)

Book cover of Legends of the Chinese Jews of KaifengLegends of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng, by Xin Xu and Beverly Friend, with illustrations Ting Cheng. (A collection of legends and stories from the oral tradition of this group of Jews who migrated to China long ago offers a look at their history and unique identity.)

Book cover of What Makes Someone a JewWhat Makes Someone a Jew?, by Lauren Seidman. (Using everyday examples that children can relate to, this colourful book helps all young Jewish readers understand what it really means to be a Jew.)

Articles of Interest:

Los Lunas Decalogue Stone: Questioning Evidence of Ancient Hebrews in the American Southwest

African Jewish communities get more recognition after years on the margins

In northern Brazil, Sephardic converts are giving dwindling Jewish communities a new lease on life

Suriname Virtual Jewish History

The Plight of Ethiopian Jews

African, black – and part of the Global Jewish Community?

Historic migration to South Asia in the last two millennia: a case of Jewish and Parsi populations


Supporting Jewish Communities Around the World