Kulanu 2023 update

Kulanu Canada Rosh Hashonah Greetings and 2023 Update

Sincere best wishes for a happy healthy 5784 to everyone, and peace and prosperity to all Kulanu communities

Kulanu Canada is excited to share news with our supporters and friends of both the Kulanu.org and Kulanu Canada communities. While our Canadian NGO is small, we have reached out to assist several isolated Jewish communities and we celebrate all the work of our US partner organization.

Kulanu Canada Sends Shechita Knife to Manado, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia

After hosting a webinar with Rabbi Yaakov Baruch in March, we learned that the community had lost its only ritual knife for animal slaughter. With support from several local donors, and the assistance of the Kashruth Council of Greater Toronto, we we were able to purchase and ship a new shechita knife to Yaakov. Here he proudly displays it. Thanks to Kulanu US for providing information and offering lessons to Yaakov on best practices in ritual slaughter.

Yaakov responded to questions from our audience and here is what he sent to one inquirer:

“We have about 20 people Indigenous people who are active in our Synagogue, the rest are Dutch and Iraqi Jewish families, about 5 people left in my hometown, majority of Dutch and Iraqi Jews are living in Surabaya and Jakarta. The last conversion there were about 50 Indigenous people who already make Giyyur from whole of Indonesia.”

Yaakov and his son are in the middle, photo from Purim 2021 with local tribal costumes

Kulanu Canada Supports Tifferet Israel, in Sefwi Wawaso, Ghana

Over the years we have sold dozens of beautiful handmade challah covers to benefit this Jewish community. We have recently received a new batch of 40 challah covers and are eager to sell them and return revenue to the community. Some samples are shown below. If you would like to purchase a challah cover (there are many other colours), please contact Kulanu Canada Vice President, Laurence Alexander, antiquelaurence@gmail.com

Kulanu Canada Supports the Jewish Community of Suriname

Kulanu Canada helped the Suriname Jewish community in their fundraising to buy Matzot and Kosher wine for the community Seder. The Matzot and Kosher wine have to be imported from the USA and shipped to Suriname which has restrictions on the use of US dollars.

Community kids asking the four questions
Community Seder in Paramaribo, Suriname

Kulanu Canada Supports Several Deaf Abayudaya Students, in Uganda

On learning of the deaf education project for Abayudaya children, Kulanu Canada contacted the Kulanu US coordinator and learned what the specific needs are. We have committed $2000 to help meet operational expenses. Kulanu Canada is very thrilled to work with Laura Wetzler, US and Dr. Samson Wamani of Mbale to assist young Jewish children with severe hearing disabilities. See images of happy kids sent to us by Laura.

You can help Kulanu Canada help our communities, those emerging or re-emerging, those that are isolated from mainstream Jewishlife. To make a donation, click here or on the banner below.

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