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VIDEO – The Igbos (Jews of Africa): Antisemitism and Genocide, with Remy Ilona

On March 7th, 2024, Kulanu Canada presented Remy Ilona, Lawyer, Historian, Religious Studies Scholar, and Cultural Theorist, as he presented the history and background of the Igbo people, known by many as the “Jews of Africa”. He discussed the antisemitism and genocide they have experienced, with insight and personal reflections on his journey as an Igbo from Nigeria.

Please watch the recording of the webinar below, and the complete slides from his presentation are available below the video.

Presentation slides – click to enlarge:

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VIDEO: Kulanu Canada presents Dani Rotstein and “Xueta Island: A Hidden History”

Watch Kulanu Canada’s video from our webinar about the amazing documentary film Xueta Island: A Hidden History about the Jews of Majorca, with producer, entrepreneur, and storyteller, Dani Rotstein.

A content producer, entrepreneur, and storyteller, New Jersey native Dani Rotstein moved to the Spanish island of Majorca in 2014 to produce TV commercials, and he didn’t expect there to be much Jewish life there. His surprising discoveries led to his work on the documentary film Xueta Island: A Hidden History, for which he is not only a director, but also a subject.

For full information about the film, please visit


Kulanu Canada invites you to watch a fascinating film on the hidden history of the Jews of Majorca and then meet the producer and director in our next upcoming webinar. This is co-sponsored by CIJR, BINA, CAEF, and the Lodzer Centre Congregation.

Here’s a selection of still highlights from the film as a preview of what awaits you, and then watch the trailer, register for the webinar, and watch the full video.