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VIDEO: The Lone Caretaker Of Kochi’s Centuries Old Jewish Synagogue

Watch how one man independently maintains and preserves an important part of Jewish history in Kochi, located in the state of Kerala in India.

Cochin Jews, also called Malabar Jews, are the oldest group of Jews in India, with possible roots claimed to date to the time of King Solomon.

They were in Kerala for more than 2000 years. After the formation of Israel in 1948, around 2500 members of the Cochin Jews migrated to Israel

Today there are 27 Jews remaining in Cochin.

The diaspora from Cochin are a community with more than 4000 members in Israel today.

VIDEO: Hannukah Celebrations on the island of Majorca in Spain

Watch the recent Hanukkah celebrations in Palma on the island of Majorca, in Spain.

The event was organized by Limud Mallorca (, in collaboration with The Jewish Community of the Balearic Islands (, Jewish Majorca (, and the Instituto de Relaciones Culturales Baleares-Israel (

Sub-Saharan Jewish communities meet in Abidjan

December 12, 2022

Representatives of Jewish communities in Sub-Saharan Africa gathered last weekend in Ivory Coast to create an umbrella religious organisation for the region.

During a week of activities in Abidjan, the attendees learnt about Jewish practices, such as “kosher” slaughter and burial practices.

“The purpose of this meeting is to bring together all of the emerging Jewish communities that are developing and growing throughout Africa. For example, Nigeria has over 80 orthodox synagogues and it’s growing. And we find this in many countries across Africa. They’ve never met each other. (…) We spent a week together learning and studying the Bible, the Torah, the Jewish traditions and the Jewish law”, explained Arieh Greenspan, co-organizer of the conference.

The event was organized by a Jewish non-profit organization, Kulanu, with the aim of reuniting emerging Jewish communities in Africa.

“They understand that Judaism in Sub-Saharan Africa is sometimes a new phenomenon. Though some believe they are descendants of lost tribes or Israelite tribes in the Bible. Some have found Judaism new. And this group of combined people are practising Judaism, living Jewish lives, and for the first time ever got together to create an alliance”, added Bonita Sussman, known as Rabbanit, president of Kulanu.

On the final day, ahead of the Hannukah celebrations, the group planned to consecrate a new synagogue with the laying of a cornerstone.